21. The Color of Light: the created world points us to God


Choosing paint colors is big business these days. There are color tools to help one choose, there are giant paint samples, colors of the month, colors of the year, and innumerable blog posts and web sites on paint colors.

I admit to having trouble making decisions on color, mostly because I love all colors, though that doesn’t mean I want just any color on my walls. There are so many caveats: Is it morning or afternoon light? When will you be spending time in this room? Do you want peace and harmony or a fashion statement or both? What if your favorite color is blue, but your partner can’t stand that color. (Ahem. Who doesn’t like blue? It’s the color of the sky, for goodness sake!)


For inspiration I’ve been sitting on the back porch looking. Looking at the sky (yes, it’s blue!) Looking at the birds. Looking at the world. Every color is here, there. In the natural world, colors just seem to harmonize; the best color matching is always a close copy of God’s own perfect design. 

When I think of color and light I tend to get off topic because the physics and metaphysics of light, color, and sight are amazing to me. How do I know if the beautiful shade of Blooming Grove green in my kitchen is the same color you see?

I don’t. It all comes down to our eyes and the light.

I learned a new word the other day: metamerism (met-TAM-er-ism). It means the effect that light has on color, specifically the type of lighting used to illuminate color and how it affects our perceptions of shades and matching.

The varieties of light make colors change. Fluorescent lights, incandescent lights, LEDS, those squiggly bulbs…they all make the same color look different. That’s why decorators tell you to paint a giant swatch in your room. The same color that you love in your north-facing kitchen will look different in the south-facing bedroom. That same color will change in morning light or afternoon light, summer light, or autumn light. Think of the sunlight on the trees and how it changes their colors. Think of the sunlight pouring down and reflecting on a mass of snow crystals and the glittering colors that result.


The glories of creation speak to us of an all-powerful, self-existent, beauty loving God — from the sky and sun and stars to the shape and smell and shade of a hydrangea. The world is filled with minute intricacies and details that “…since the creation of the world, God’s invisible qualities — His eternal power and divine nature — have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” (Romans 1:20)

God the creator has made us to be creators as well. We are made in His image… He has made colors for our eyes, music for our ears, and He has put eternity in our hearts. We are seekers and God is waiting for us to knock at the door. He will never force us to believe, but the created world points us to God. He has made it all: every human, every spiderweb, every musical note, every apple tree, every word picture…

…and He is waiting for our hearts to open to Him in a thank-you song. How will you say thank-you to the Creator God for putting that creator spirit into you? 

IMG_1991Color is Light–

every color in white

Refracted, Reflected

journeys from the sun.


the change of direction

of a ray of light or sound,

passing obliquely

from one medium into another

in which wave velocity

Is different.

I pray for refraction.

God’s light to shine through 

the curtains,

the leaves,

the shadows,

the icicles,

the air I breathe in–


passing obliquely

from one medium through another.

Change my wave velocity,

refract me

remake me

redeem me

to reflect Christ

in whom all the colors

are one,

The light of the world,

The son.

For Further study, read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-24


No questions today. Just exercise your creativity and craft a thank you to God in your favorite creative medium.

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